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HYLO-GEL Eye Drops 10 ml

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HYLO-GEL Eye Drops 10 ml
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Tuesday, 1 December

HYLO-GEL Eye Drops 10 ml

HYLO-GEL Eye Drops are designed for intensive lubrication of the eye surface in the treatment of more severe and persistent dry eye syndrome, including after surgery.

Since HYLO-GEL Eye Drops are entirely free of preservatives, they are generally well-tolerated. In addition, they are also free of phosphates and thus exclude the risk of crystal formation on the cornea.

The eye drops are compatible with all types of contact lenses.

HYLO-GEL Eye Drops contain a high-viscosity solution of sodium hyaluronate, a substance naturally found in the eye and other human body parts. Due to its special characteristics, this substance forms an even and stable moistening film that stays considerably longer on the eye surface. It relieves persistent or more severe dry eye symptoms and protects the eye from irritation.


Expiration: 16 months and more
Volume: 10 ml
Manufacturer: Ursapharm

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